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dessine-moi la montagne

, 08:26

Sonja Hinrichsen dessine-moi la montagne.jpg, janv. 2022
Sonja Hinrichsen’s Snow Drawings, completed between 2009 and 2016 across North America.
"@sonjahinrichsen super-large-scale drawings transform winter landscapes into mystically appearing celebrations of nature. Created with snowshoes and the needed assistance of local volunteers for her larger works, Hinrichsen imprints her dynamic drawings into freshly fallen snow. These drawings are ephemeral by design and comprised of forms that are no doubt inspired closely by the massive glyphs created by First Nations people globally: from Native Americans, to Indigenous Australians and South Americans, among many others. Whilst Hinrichsen’s design of large scale patterned work is inspired, her work differs in the use of snow as a medium. Where other glyphs have stood the test of time, preserved by generally supremely hot, and arid landscapes, these gigantic drawings disappear with the falling of new snow. A beautiful impermanence."

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que le week-end commence

, 07:12

Virgil Finlay Discus Thrower Fantastic Universe September 1958 le lancer de disque.jpg, janv. 2022
Virgil Finlay : Discus Thrower, Fantastic Universe, September, 1958
tags : lancer de disque, soucoupe, fête foraine

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, 07:03

The aunt Bea bump piano musique.gif, janv. 2022
The aunt Bea bump

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politique internationale : madame II, pouvez vous nous donner votre opinion concernant l'Affaire Jean-Michel Blanquer ?

, 09:31

reine Elisabeth 2.gif, janv. 2022
tag : reine Elisabeth 2

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bonnes résolutions : Jackson Pollock, 1951 : "au printemps, je repeins l'allée du jardin !"

, 11:12

Jackson Pollock, from Jackson Pollock 51, 1951 au printemps, je repeindrai l'allée du jardin bonne résolution.gif, janv. 2022
from Jackson Pollock 51

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